• Condominium
  • Tropical Timber
  • 148.6 SQM
  • Minbu Road

Wood emerges as a standout element in this home to create a warm and deeply gratifying space that showcases modern sophistry. Dressed in understated styling, the space evokes a zen-like calm with wood expanses on floors, walls and custom cabinetry to create a picture of seamless visual flow and connectivity rooted in unfussy, yet enviable styling.

Far from appearing monotonous or boring, wood is a recurring element, paired beautifully with black to display contemporary outlines and a photogenic interior. This pairing is perfect, with warm wood offsetting the heaviness of black. Character is infused with a large chalkboard near the kitchen and a chinoiserie-styled cabinet.

Emphasis is placed on purity on lines and unfussy styling to claim minimalism and unpretentious appeal. And furniture bears minimal frills to give nod to modern aesthetic. Throughout, wood flooring in wood gradations lends a gorgeous striped effect. Boasting an open floor plan, this well-appointed interior offers a sense of spaciousness with different areas elegantly laid and well-demarcated.

Keeping clutter out of sight is important in maintaining this home’s fresh, clean-lined aesthetic. Hence the designer’s decision to integrate sliding wooden doors to a row of black floor-to-ceiling shelves. To achieve an uninterrupted design, this row comprises of wall panellings and a geometrical door that leads into the bedroom. Eye-catching contemporary lines give the space instant character and an up-to-date look.

In the bedroom, the palette immediately softens with comforting grey hues to mediate a design that alternates black and beautiful wood grains. Anchored in wood, the design infuses warmth and an easy elegance where the same timeless sophistry wraps the interior – offering simplicity, versatility, and sustainability. Streamlined designs lend an unhurried look, tying well with minimal accessorising so as not to overwhelm the décor. Overflowing with subtle, curated décor, this put-together space is pleasing to the wider senses, perfect for discerning homeowners who appreciate an earthy vibe.

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