About Us

Artrend Design is a dynamic team of interior designers and decorators, including accomplished carpenters involved with many prestigious projects for over 30 years. Our extensive portfolio of work covers commercial and residential interior design projects.

Artrend Design was established in 1985 by Kelvin Chua. Artrend owns its interior design firm and carpentry work at Woodlands with a production facility spanning over 4,000 square feet. The 3,800 square feet show room and sales office is located at Balestier. Artrend also leads its first ever display of their residential HDB interior design project on the site. The completed renovation of HDB unit at Ang Mo Kio accomplished by Artrend interior designer is open for viewing. It demonstrates how our interior designer revolutionizes the HDB living space and realizes it into a dream home for the owner.

We’re proud of the spaces we have designed for lives worth living. Artrend Design delivers superior, best-in-class-leading fittings that are of high quality. Our interior designs delivered with our own production work in wood and metal, veneer, electrical, millworks, painting and vanishing.

At Artrend Design, we adhere to all local regulations, health codes, as well as safety rules. We handle legal permits and building codes to keep you worry-free. We also seal off construction areas for safety and health reasons, ensuring that the occupants of the property are safe from dust, pollutants and hazards of construction equipment.

Our Vision

To be a brand for all homes and organizations as a partner for total solutions in renovation and design.

Our Mission

We deliver in every project with creative design, fine craftsmanship and use of quality materials and offer our customers peace-of-mind as we serve with passion and commitment.

Our Values

  • Team Work

    We incorporate an inclusive and cohesive team work in harmony to achieve common goals for both organization and individual.

  • Service

    We listen and empathize with our customers needs, assist them to see beyond and serve with an attitude to deliver their home on time according to what we promised.

  • Integrity and Reputation

    We act with responsibility and honesty in all we do with our stakeholders, deliver what we promise.

  • Excellent Quality

    We commit to excellence and quality through offering of unique and creative design, use of valued materials and fine craftsmanship to service our customers.

  • Learning and Growth

    Our people is our long term partners, we provide a platform for all to learn and grow, develop to their full potential to achieve both organization’s and personal’s goals.

Artrend Design’s fully integrated Singapore interior design services include:

Interior design consultancy

Custom-building interior design

Project management

Made-to-order carpentry

We enjoy working as part of a collaborative team and strive to provide innovative and sustainable design solutions for projects in a wide range of environments, and we take pride in building comfortable new spaces for our clients for over 30 years.

Interior Design Accreditions

BCA Registered Contractor

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