Landed Residential: Beauty in Modern Minimalism

  • Landed
  • Modern

Modern minimalist takes precedence with an aesthetics rooted in simplicity. Wrapped in natural colours, notably light wood and white to conjure a minimalist beauty, attention is drawn to the use of clean lines and unpretentious décor. Throughout, the occasional curves soften the overall look and feel.

The interior’s sparse and uncluttered profile calls for minimal accessorising, such that emphasis is placed on the exchange of light and space instead. Throughout, warm lightings, recessed or commissioned in custom cabinetry, bath the interior with welcoming warmth, adding to the cordial atmosphere so delicately imbued throughout.

Flushed paneled wood designs adorn the rooms, giving the space a seamless vibe. There is almost a zen-like appeal in one of the rooms, featuring a Japanese-styled set-up complete with a traditional horigtatsu table and recessed floor. Beside, a wooden curved structure rests by large windows, offering space for storage, as well as space to sit and enjoy the uninterrupted view outside.

From every conceivable angle, this home is a picture of undulating calm. By tackling this spacious home with large, but meaningful pieces, and designs that offer continuity, our designer succeeds in creating an unhurried look with a sense of openness.

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