9 Joo Seng Road

  • HDB
  • Scandinavian
  • 100 SQM
  • 9 Joo Seng Road

A natural palette depicts simplicity. This home is dressed in white, beige and taupe – familiar staples in modern homes – to claim a light and airy look, complete with finer details to adorn the composition to give the space added interest and depth.

In the living room, exposed white walls look instantly modern and the perfect accent in this serene setting. Without disturbing the underlying calm, distressed white bricks offer a subtle contrast that gives this space a nuanced look. The use of various light sources offers an intimate glow and contemporary touch to enhance the overall ambience and sense of homeliness in this home.

Throughout, the interior warms up with the earth tones. This wood-on-white interior is styled with wooden pieces to conjure an unpretentious vibe to bring out a modern aesthetic to great effect. By layering different hues and infusing the space with warm lights, the designer helps to create rooms that appear more elegant.

Clad in wood and white, the well-appointed kitchen appears bigger and airier, with glass windows that open up into the adjacent dining area. This fosters greater connectivity and flow in the space. Flushed, seamless kitchen cabinetry designs give the space a sleek, composed look, styled elegantly to display a sense of continuity.

Throughout, the use of occasional details sets the space apart. Attention is paid to enrich the design of doors and walls, using subtle, yet ornate accessorising to give the space an exquisite air. The door to the bedroom, for instance, is beautifully embellished, and walls dressed with visually-warming wood panelling and inset lighting to cast a nuanced glow in the room. Displaying clean-lined furnishing and subtle décor touches, this home truly resonates on many fronts.

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