817A Keat Hong Link

  • HDB
  • Retro Industrial
  • 817A Keat Hong Link

This eclectic home is as modern as it is chic, styled to demonstrate a nuanced profile using wood to carve out artistic expressions that are invigorating and inviting.

A fresh, clean vision is first achieved by interchanging white and warm wooden hues. This then becomes the perfect backdrop for statement designs and pops of colours to stand out and add character to this home.

Veering away from the conventional use of wood, the designer sought a more creative approach by using alternating light and dark wood to create a geometrically-patterned wall. This instantly emerges as an eye-catching focal where attention gravitates. Not only does it punctuate the space with interest, it is also a functional addition to conceal a door. Set against this backdrop, a sleek dining table set in black, white and wood conjures the relaxed and easy vibes similar to a café setting.

Part industrial, this style-centric home reveals details like track lightings, black metallics and concrete-like finishing. These add subtle industrial undertones to score a rustic appeal.

Different materials and finishing are used to introduce urban industrial sensibility to this home. To seal a raw, edgy look in the kitchen, for instance, its cabinetry is clad in a veneer that showcases distressed tones – perfectly complementing the look in the living room.

Wood is a recurring element that continues to play out beautifully in the bedrooms. By using different wooden gradations, the designer succeeds in achieving interest and contrast, without disrupting the overall flow. Wood is used as a focal to accentuate a warm atmosphere – applied generously on the floor, bed frame, headboard and wardrobe to create a uniform look. By customising cabinetry, the designer helps put together a functional space that adds personality to the home. In this case, a barnyard-inspired wardrobe emerges as an instant focal.

This home is proof that by paying attention to materials, layers, patterns and accessorising, a style-studded designer home can be achieve.

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