351 Yishun Ave 11

  • HDB
  • Modern Contemporary
  • 133 SQM
  • 351 Yishun Ave 11

Modern sensibility ensues with clean-lined designs and a monochrome palette accented with some greys as an in-between tone. In this maisonette, interchanging black and white is well-executed to provide a modern nuance and visual impact. The skillful use of high-contrast monochrome palette accentuates an open and light-filled interior.

A uniform palette with minimal décor offers a sense of consistency and flow. By opting for open, fluid spaces and the use of recurring elements, this home exhibits visual harmony. Doused in a timeless style, this space overflows with modern sophistry.

The design puts focus on modern outlines, textures, and scales. Throughout, definitive outlines lend structure to give it an air of calm – this look enriched with various light sources to claim a sophisticated touch.

Spaces are well carved out – featuring an open-concept kitchen with a large peninsula perfect for get-togethers. This is an extension of a long kitchen where floor-to-ceiling kitchen units integrate. These solutions offer ample room for storage so that clutter is kept out of sight to maintain a fuss-free look.

In the living room, tinted mirrors and reflective surfaces emerge as sleek, contemporary solutions on a TV entertainment wall to add patinated glow to the space. It also creates the illusion of a larger and more fluid space. This look is complemented with crisp, streamlined designs and furniture rooted in simplicity, making it more welcoming and inviting.

To let the eye run unimpeded, the designer created a striking staircase with sleek glass balustrade to keep the space open. Upstairs, contrasting white and black is softened with neutrals such as grey gradations and beige. The introduction of varying neutral shades adds overall interest and a refreshing breakaway from a monochrome design downstairs.

Throughout, function follows form in the way modern elements tie in well together to imbue a sense of coherence, calm and stability, and space has been maximised with built-in cabinetry to provide adequate, practical storage for an unfussy home concept.

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