270A Punggol Field

  • HDB
  • Industrial
  • 107 SQM
  • 270A Punggol Field

This home exhibits all the elements of a modern industrial design theme. Upon entering into this space, one’s attention cannot help but gravitate towards a single accent wall – a statement-making exposed brick wall in red – in true industrialist spirit. This look is accompanied by go-to industrial elements such as exposed steel and wiring. Even custom cabinetry is decked to portray industrial appeal, clad in distressed wood veneers and black outlines.

This theme plays out wondrously to claim a modern home with an edge. A hint of old-charm is evident with the occasional vintage piece here and there – a vintage standing lamp and wall-mount clock – add to the overall vocabulary of this character-rich space. Here, the juxtaposition of distressed wood and metal creates a weathered look that bodes well with this theme.

This look is continued in the kitchen – designed to showcase the same distressed nuance using warm wood grains to accentuate the space. An open-concept kitchen calls to mind an open floor plan that marks most modern lofts.

An industrial home is accentuated with all-important detail. Such is the attention to details that even the narrow path to rooms is not spared from industrial elements and chic accessories that suggest turn-of-the-century decor. In the rooms, a striking palette of black and white in the living area is softened with the use of grey gradations. Well-crafted carpentry becomes the basis for the bedroom designs – design-appropriate yet practical. Rooms are stylish and dressed to offer a relaxed, casual vibe without appearing cold or distant.

Custom solutions ensure practical and optimal use of space, taking into consideration the needs of the homeowners. From every angle, this visual-engaging industrial-themed home gives the eye plenty to take in.

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