25 Fernvale Road

  • Condominium
  • Simple Luxurious
  • 65 SQM
  • 25 Fernvale Road

Modern meets subtle classicism in this home, dressed to display an exquisite blend of old and new and an understated charm. This look is achieved with an unadorned backdrop in white, contrasted against furniture and accessories that reveal decorous details and gentle curvatures.

A picture of modern classic good look, clean-lined cabinetry is juxtaposed against brass accents on a chandelier and coffee table – perfectly complementing the modern take of a chesterfield sofa. Metallic finishes add a nuance of warmth and glamour to complete this look.

Function follows form in the dining area and kitchen, where unfussy, streamlined designs reign. Glass panels in the kitchen maximise the flow of light and space, yet offer a subtle sense of separation that keeps some noise and grease within. In this dining area, a full-height mirror creates a sense of openness in this airy, light-filled interior.

Purity of lines dominates the bedrooms to conjure a calm and collected look overflowing with modern sensibility. Dressed to showcase simplicity that is both warm and inviting, the rooms emerge as restful sanctuaries – attesting to minimal fuss, yet wrapped with elegance. Combining modern and classic styles, this home exudes undulating character and nuance.

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