Captivating Curvature Interior Design at HDB Sembawang

Captivating Curves - innovative curves offer a pleasing visual treat in this stylish home design.

Good captivating curvature styling on top of good custom made carpentry works makes a successful interior. The black foyer flooring makes the exceelent contrast with the white surroundings.

If you wish to impress your guests right at the start, there is no better place than the foyer to do so. A catchy design will make your home stand out immediately from others. For the interior of apartment, the foyer is made a talking point with its bold marble flooring in black and white. An artistic divider offers a visual treat with its innovative curves while tasteful decoratives add interest.

A full-height wall feature in white adds a sense of spaciousness to the master bedroom, which looks inviting with its relaxed ambience. Curves have been incorporated into the design scheme wherever possible to create captivating visual effects, especially in the child's bedroom The kitchen and bath room are both practical and stylish with a beech and white colour scheme.