Gallery Like Interior Design Style

Gallery Like Interior Design with the Walls in duo tones of yellow and apple-green or blue, give the home a sunny charisma. The ceiling is given very graceful and eye-catching curves while the walls are lined with pictures to project a gallery-like style.

For the bedrooms, a warm, cosy ambience is created with different colour schemes for the individual: rosy pink for the adults and blue for the child. On the other hand, the study room is plainly practical and functional with its built-in cupboards and table for space-saving considerations.

Fro the graceful ceiling works to the neat design of the walls, a chic and stylish look is achieved for the home.  The living area is artistically done up with the play of shapes and bright colours. With a lovely setting like this, dining becomes a posh-y affair. In the foyer, a trendy approach to cabinets gives the home a distinct personality.