Landed House Interior Design Colour Illumination at Mariam Way

Artrend Interior Designers use colour illumination for the landed house at Mariam Way.  A colourful lifestyle starts from home interior, as the designer of this terrace house strongly believes. And from a psychological point of view, colours do seem to play a role in determining a person's mood.  No wonder children with their boundless energy are always associated with vibrant colours like red, yellow or blue. Food for thought ? In any case, the designer was thus inspired to create a colourful abode for the family living at Mariam Way. 

The attractive wall fature in the living area of this terrace house looks right out of the page a colour book. As with juggling coours, jugglig shapes and forms seems to be the designer's forte. Furnishings and accessories like the armchair, carpet and clock are both functional as well as ornamental.

More play on shapes and colours can be found in other areas of the home, like the dining and bar areas. The designs are meant to intrigue and hold one's interest and attention. For example, inone of the bedrooms, lightings behind a glass feature wall cast an attractive illuminiation that made the room special from another. Finally, even the kitchen is boldly accentuated with a vibrant hue of blue to liven up one's spirits.

The bar is practical with the installation of a water tap and basin. The special wall feature made the bedroom stands out. A creative idea to let a blind serve as a divider.