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Modern Traditional Twist


ARTREND DESIGN PTE LTD - Apartment @ Tanjong Pagar, Floor area: 950 sqft


This space pronounces an air of impenetrable calm from every conceivable angle. This look and feel is the work of art of an interior designer who has taken simple elements to a new height – placing interest in the design through details that communicate a ton about the concept that is being embraced.

To create a look that is reminisce of the past, yet relevant to the modern times, the designer melds the old and new in a way that is refreshingly inviting and pleasing. Here, the recurring use of wood does not bore, but a language of uniformity articulated to convey simplicity and an easy elegance. Here, what is lacking in colors, is compensated with richness in textures, and forms that lend an unmistakable traditional nuance.

The living are, dining area, and dry kitchen are not separated from one another, but placed in an open are where the fluid flow of space ensues. Bamboo poles and oriental blinds are some elements that stand out as the focal of attention, immediately acquainting one with the interior styling that is pursued in this home. The kitchen is yet another stylish installation of wood – complete with contemporary wallpaper design and an interesting dining set seemingly carved out off wood.

The space exudes a zen-like calm that stems from the predominant use of wood, couples with woodworks that lend balance to the space. The design is not only aesthetical appealing, but also highly functional. For instance, a swivel panel between two adjoining rooms holds an artwork on one side, and a television on the other; essentially, one television serves two different rooms, although not simultaneously. The design is also made intriguing by combining traditional pieces with modern peripherals. The polarity of old and new here adds to the rich visual vocabulary. By bringing in few yet meaningful additions, the study room emerges as a space that is visually uplifted.

The kitchen and bathroom are oftentimes spaces in the house that are neglected, or given the same run-of-the-mill treatment that is staid. In this house, however, interesting prints reappear to enhance these areas. What is more worthy if mention is an open-concept bathroom that has been specially tailored to indulge one’s senses, with a spacious, and beautifully adorned space that is bold in design, but boosts a warm and cordial profile.