Design in Articulating Depth

Category: HDB Interior Design

An Elegant Display

Artrend seals modern vocabulary with a design that articulate visual depth

The design in this space gives nod to the notion of modern living. Doused in reigning white, the living area seeks elegance in a look that is timeless and versatile. Even though the space lacks colours, textures and patterns come into play to compensate for the otherwise monotonous exterior. Against a backdrop of white, black accents add graphical interest.

In this space, lighting plays a pivotal role in enriching its visual profile. Bold lines on the ceiling are juxtaposed against softer curves found on accessories, rendering the space a much needed balance. Few, yet meaningful pieces make a strong statement in a room that is sparingly filled. Here, a bar counter emerges as the focal and social centre of the space, bridging the confines of the kitchen and living area.

Shades of taupe and cream are comforting to the eyes and add up to one very serene bedroom space. To further enrich the vocabulary of the room, the designer combines classic and modern elements. Upholstered headboard panels create a sense of scale, adding dramatic flair to a space that is modestly dressed for maximum impact. While most choose to conceal the walk-in wardrobe, this designer opts for an open complete with an  interesting penchant lamp an veil, to show that thoughtful designs should not be kept out of sight.

A design that entends modern sensibility is continued even in the bathroom. Here, clean-lined and modish fittings meet rustic finishing in a way that is not only unobtrusive but even complementary. The use of textures here adds a touch of warm that is usually found wanting in the bathroom, making this intimate space a surprisingly inviting one.