Restaurant Interior Design

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Restaurant Interior Design

Artrend Design boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience in restaurant interiors. Having worked with clients having unique design needs, we can help you create a wonderful space that is visually pleasing, spatially smart and aesthetically designed. One of the best ways you can project the aura of your restaurant is through effective interior design. Whether you are aiming for the look of a charming bistro, a high-end restaurant, a relaxed fast food joint or a modern café, we can help you achieve the right feel to your establishment. 


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Our approach to restaurant design is divided into two main aspects – the serving floor and the kitchen. To facilitate seamless exchange between the two major spaces of any restaurants, we create streamlined interiors that allow your staff to serve and communicate quickly and effectively.


·      Top notch services and amenities

The serving area is designed for aesthetic appeal as your patrons dine and absorb the energy of the room. With the right design elements and color schemes, we can accurately represent your restaurant and its spirit to please your customers. While providing an engaging and visually attractive space for your customers, we do not forget on functionality. Small yet significant elements like acoustics, comfortable seating, washrooms,  ambient lighting and so on can make a great difference to your customer’s experience.  

·      Highly functional and modern kitchens

While the main focus of the service area remains space planning and visual appeal, the kitchen is designed to be highly functional. Understanding the busy atmosphere of a restaurant kitchen, we create spaces that are dynamic, streamlined and easily navigable. We combine sleek and modern design with technology to create the perfect setup for quick cooking and serving.

We can also accommodate special needs for your restaurants like business conference rooms, private booths and other elements you deem necessary.