Retail Interior Design

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Retail Interior Design

When it comes to retail, presentation is key! The secret to dazzling a customer is not just your product range but also how you present it. At Artrend Design, we understand best on how to showcase your selection that turns your ordinary looking retail store into a design haven. Regardless of the product range you foster, our expert designers can create stylish, sophisticated and minimally designed interiors to complement your store.


Great Design, Great Interiors

The importance of good design is even more pronounced if you are from the lifestyle retail section. Whether you are selling top end fashionable clothes, household items or even art, your store should look the part. Whether you are opting for the sleek, modern and minimalist look or a rustic old world charm, Artrend Design makes it work for your store. Here are a few benefits that you could reap with our professional retail interior design services:

·      Provide your customers with a richer shopping experience

·      Showcase your selection in the best light – literally!

·      Make a great impression with the right interiors 

·      Increase your sales with a professionally designed store 

Great Design, Great Interiors

At Artrend Design, we focus on creating a complete masterpiece by factoring in many unique aspects of each individual space. Our focus remains on maximizing the use of space without compromising on the quality of design or the materials used. The four focus points at Artrend Design include:

·      Color schemes and palettes

·      Lighting options and fixture designs

·      Space optimization

·      Elegant and inviting design

·      Modern and minimalist approach


By incorporating these factors into our approach, we aim at creating commercial spaces that are aesthetically designed for an exceptional in-store experience. Our expertise in retail design allows us to play with colors and push the boundaries of modern design.


Why Choose Artrend Design?

For over 25 years, Artrend Design has been a renowned name in interior design. Having designed thousands of homes and commercial spaces, we have learnt to work with our client and include their vision in our design. At Artrend Design, it’s all about making your dream store come to life. With comfortable, spacious and optimized interior spaces, your store is sure to become the attention grabber of passersby.


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Apart from standard design options, we also give you the flexibility to combine different elements of our designs and create a store that is unique, well designed, spacious and inviting. For more information on our retail design solutions, get in touch with Artrend Design today!