Landed House Bloxhome Drive


Modern Oriental Character

The rare convergence of old and new comes together impeccably in a house that is endowed architecturally to accommodate grand visual gestures


This space exudes architecture and height-boosting high ceilings and structural features that command a higher living. This is the sort of specifications where designers crave to bring in pieces to further enrich its vocabulary, inject character to make it not just another modern space, all in an effort to complement an architecturally engaging interior space. And the result can only be charming, to say the very least.


Inside, the space is a picture of harmonious get-together of eclectic pieces - all chosen to seal a design direction where a modern Asian look reigns. The interplay of brown, black and white, when well executed to balance the polarity of light and dark, proves to be especially soothing.


While a symmetrical setup trends to lend a formal note, the designer was deliberate in placing the dining set at an angle, so that the mood does not appear too solemn.


Away in the kitchen, modish finishing offers contrast from the traditional touch. Succinct modernity in the space does not steal attention from the rest of the designs, but complements it. Here, clean-lined modernism is a refreshing breakaway from oriental silhouettes in the adjacent space.


Grey is a good in-between of the colours perused. A wall clad with a deep grey tone immediately brings attention to the living room. And a striking artwork on it punctuates this space with further interest. In the living area, the style is somewhat more modern to neutralise the oriental look.


A recurring oriental theme continues to unfold in the master bedroom, Here, oriental pieces are elegantly laid out to claim an exquisite air.