Home Interior Design Tips on Curtains

Here are some home interior design pointers that will come in useful when you are dressing your windows with curtains.

Full length curtains should end just half an inch above the floor. Always make sure that long curtains have more than generous hems to allow for some shrinkage during washing.

Try to line your curtains. They will hand much better than unlined ones. The lining also helps muflle and draw dirt away from the curtain as well as give it a greater lifespan.

The secret to a finely finished curtain is to have it bound, edged or bordened.

Ever wondered about how to hide unsightly bare tracks when you pull your curtains back? Solve it by "closing" your curtains permanently back at the sides with tie-backs. Valances are excellent as decorative pieces and hide bore tracks most effectively.

Try using different curtain headings to create effects. Here are some to bear in-mind:

  • Sincle "goblet" pleats require less fabrics and allow the curtain to fall gently.
  • Pencils pleats need three times the width of the window in fabric.
  • Pinch-plear headings discipline fabric into neat folds.

Sheers can be simply hemmed and clipped to rings attached to a rod for a light and airy effect.

Last but not least, choose your curtain fabrics carefully. It should meet your taste and budget. But whatever material you choose should be well co-ordinated in design and colour for a co-ordinated look. Always remember that what looks good in another's home may not suit yours at all.