Interior Design Tips on Flooring

Common Types of Flooring in Singapore Homes

Thinking about which types of flooring you want to choose for your home or office? We take a look at the common types of flooring in most Singapore homes.

Interior Design Tips on Tile Flooring - Homogeneous and Ceramic

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, homogeneous tile is a form of ceramic tile composed of fine porcelain clays but fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tile. This process makes homogeneous tiles denser, harder, less porous and therefore less prone to moisture and stain absorption than ceramic tiles despite being harder to cut.

Ceramic tiles on the other hand is a mixture of clay and quartz ferrous sand materials along with water. The special clays are mined from the earth, shaped, coloured and then fired in kilns. They can be coloured and the surfaces can be glazed either in a high gloss or matte finish. Most ceramic tiles have either a white or red body colour underneath the glazed finish.

Wood Flooring - Parquet & Laminated Flooring

Parquet flooring is generally manufactured from solid wood such as oak, walnut, cherry, lime, maple and is generally more expensive. Parquet floors much greater variety with its multitude of textures and patterns. Laminated flooring is a more common option is a substitute for wood, and a synthetic multi-layered product, made from fiberboard and resin. Its textures replicate woodprints, and provide a cost effective solution for those looking for wood-like flooring.

Main difference between Parquet and Laminate, both of which are used as wood substitute, is that, Parquet is actually processed from wood and laminate is just an imitation of it. Laminates flooring although can offer the wood-like appearance, they fail to offer the benefits of wood flooring, which Parquets can, to some extent. The most common gauge to separate between these two types would be the cost factor.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a type of resilient flooring started trending not long ago. It is a form of resilient flooring is simply artificial composite floors such as rubber, plastic, PVC, linoleum and the latest addition, Vinyl. Vinyl flooring is often used as a cost efficient substitute to natural floors such as wood, concrete, ceramic and marble.

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