Interior Design Tips on Sound proofing

Interior Design tip on Sound proofing

Setting the Bedroom ambience

Apart from wall colours and lightings, the next important aspect of creating the ambience of your bedroom is to reduce all the unwanted sound that may affect your sleep.

Cover Floors with Rugs

One way to reduce noise levels in is to cover the floor with carpet tiles. This is usually good if you have noisy neighbours who cannot seem to stop talking at night. A thick rug can work by dampening the noise coming in from downstairs neighbours.

Cover Thin Windows with Heavy Drapes

Good curtains work wonders against street noise coming through flimsy windows. Thicken the material between the room and the noise with lined curtains, window dressing made from bulky fabric like velvet, or specialty noise-absorbing drapes (which usually have a thick wool core stitched between the decorative fabrics).

Line Shared or Outside Walls with Furniture

If you have sound coming from the walls in your bedroom, you can consider placing a wooden bookcase to help absorb some of the sound coming through the walls. That goes double if the bookshelf or cabinet is home to lots of books, clothes, towels or linens; each is natural insulators against sound.

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