Landed House Interior Design

Landed House Interior Design

Being one of the most luxurious residential properties you can purchase, a landed house provides a wider scope for modern living. Artrend Design provides creative and out of the box solutions for interior design in landed homes. Since space is not considered a limitation, the design possibilities of a landed house are far wider.


Creating a signature interior

A grander setting like a landed home provides great opportunities to create a unique interior with your signature living style. By laying emphasis on your passions and unique sense of style, we can create the perfect atmosphere for your dream home. Instead of limiting the design elements and color schemes to a single entity throughout the home, Artrend Design can create unique masterpieces in different sections of your home.

·      Bedroom interiors

·      Living room interiors

·      Kitchen interiors

·      Dining room interiors

·      Bathroom interiors

·      Study room interiors

·      Recreational room interiors

·      Foyer

When it comes to your dream home, only the best is good enough. Owing to the practical experience of our project managers and creative acumen of our designers, we can not only deliver quality, but also style, substance and the x-factor that sets your home apart.


Transform your landed house

Investing in a landed house in Singapore is a big step that can be bettered with the right interiors. By creating a modern and contemporary abode for you and your family, you can enjoy your days off in your dream home filled with your favorite things. Right from the color scheme to the minimalist design elements, every item in your home is hand crafted to perfection. With Artrend Design, you can rely on our designers, construction workers and managers to take care of your property and transform it from an ordinary piece of real estate to the house of your dreams.