HDB Interior Design

HDB Interior Design

Do you have a newly purchased HDB that you want to design or remodel? Rely on Artrend Design, a complete interior design service that handles everything from concept creation to construction and finishing. Our professionals have worked with many HDB homes and can deliver quality and style, giving your home warmth and great ambiance.


Essential factors we consider

When designing your HDB, we keep several considerations in mind to ensure that the project is affordable and to your liking. We first understand your specific interior design needs and create a plan that can best incorporate these elements without going over the budget.

·      Cost: Staying within your budget is very important when it comes to designing your home. Once we understand your monetary limitations, we can create a rough estimation on our services and potential design options for your HDB.   

·      Consensus: When designing an HDB, we also consider the occupants. If you have any children or elderly people, we can create specialized design elements that are well suited for their safety and entertainment. If you frequently entertain guests, we can add more social elements while quieter homes can enjoy a well designed study room. If you require additional space for a specific activity be it gardening or watching movies, we can design it. 

·      Consultation: We start by visiting the site and understanding its structural design. Our professional will then begin space planning and envision a home that is to your taste. Whether you want to create a sleek and modern home or go back to a rustic atmosphere, we create rough designs and detailed options with 3D models.

·      Communication: Throughout the process, we keep in touch with you and your family to ensure that all construction and design processes are progressing as you please.

We also take care of all permits and safety codes to ensure that you remain worry-free. We create a safe construction zone in your house and adhere to quality standards and health codes.