Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

When it comes to commercial interior design, there are several factors that must be considered. At Artrend Design, we understand that different commercial spaces demand unique creative processes and design elements. Our designers and project managers have worked with a wide variety of clients, having designed interiors for many corporate and business set-ups. Our range of commercial interior design is mainly focused on three setups:  

·      Retail interior design

·      Restaurant interior design

·      Office interior design

While a majority of our commercial design work has been directed towards offices and corporate establishments, we have also worked with schools, retail, banks, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and several healthcare facilities. Understanding the unique design and functional needs of each of these establishments, our interior designers are well versed in creating the desired environment.


Professional commercial interiors

Artrend Design assigns equal importance to all its projects and manages every single aspect carefully. To ensure that the unique requirements as well as design needs of our clients are being met, we assign one project to one team .

·      Each team includes an experienced project manager who handles all aspects of the project and ensures quality and timely delivery. Our project managers also ensure that our plans are compliant with local regulations and are environmentally amenable. 

·      Interior designers experienced with commercial interior setups of all structural designs understand these needs to create an effective layout.

·      Our carpentry crews are skillful masters in their right and create strong, elegant and efficiently designed elements to adorn the interior.

What sets our designers apart is their ability to balance technical and creative aspects of the process. Right from the concept creation stage, our managers and designers work in perfect unison to execute projects with style and perfection. If you have a vision for your commercial establishment, we can make it a reality.