Residential Interior Design

Artrend offers multi-faceted interior design. Creative and technical solutions are applied within a framework to achieve a built interior environment. Solutions are functional. It enhances the quality of life. It instills the culture of the occupants, thereby aesthically attractive. The process follows a systematic and coordinated methodolgy, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process.

At Artrend Design, every stage of the design and renovation processes from inital concept generation to plan drawings, preparation of color boards to actual construction, as well as the final handover of the completed project. It is all managed by specialized teams comprising of the chief designer, project manager and carpentry crews. This is to ensure that the design vision and quality of work are all in line and done to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our designers consider clients' working area and budget. Individual specialized in styles and types of interior design. They work with clients to remodel and decorate rooms and other working are to make them functional and attractive. They emphasizeon space planning to make sure the entire place is used effectively.

They often work with clients who have specific ideas about their requirements in fabrics or objects, or color scheme. Some specialize in a certain styles, such as feng shui, green or modern design.

There are a number of different interior design subfields, including residential and commercial. Residential professionals work with living spaces, primarily designing rooms for new or existing homes. Some even prefer working with specific room suchas the kitchen or bathroom, or planning and creating closet spaces. Many home furnishing stores have an interior designer or ateam of professionals on staff who can make design suggestions and recommend furniture and other objects that will look good together in a room.

Home owners include those who seek entire renovation for existing home or interior design service for new home. Some prefer renovate or change the design with a specific room such such as the kitchen or bathroom, or closet spaces. Regardsless of any types of interior design, Artrend Design has a team of interior design and professionals to make design suggestions and recommend furniture and other furnishing that will look good together in a room.