Interior Renovation Services

Interior Renovation Services

If you are planning on renovating your home, whether the entire property or simply a small section, you may have a lot of planning ahead. Despite how small the project is, you are responsible for gathering the right suppliers, contractors and workers. Instead, if you simply rely on Artrend Design to do all the work, you will notice better results with no work on your part.


Artrend Design renovation solutions

Being experts in the field, we know exactly what the project entails in terms of cost, feasibility and technical details. Regardless of how small or large your renovation needs are, we will help you achieve excellent results. How do we do it?

·      We start by visiting the site and assessing the overall condition of the home.

·      We then determine the renovation and redecorating needs.

·      Our experts walk you through the expectations and understand your specific needs.

·      We handle all pulling of building codes and permits.

·      We assign a single point of contact so you can relay your thoughts, concerns and suggestions to us.

Whether your individual needs are to simply repaint a bathroom or refurbish your entire home, you can rely on us to deliver in terms of quality, design and timeliness. Our interior renovation services are not limited to a specific type of property as we deal with commercial renovation, home renovation and office renovation. Based on your unique needs, we ensure to stick by the rules, create cutting-edge design and transform your interior into something new. Apart from renovation, our professionals also specialize in remodeling specific rooms to incorporate your unique style.


Safe, quick and long-lasting results    

At Artrend Design, we adhere to all local regulations, health codes, as well as safety rules. We handle legal permits and building codes to keep you worry-free. We also seal off construction areas for safety and health reasons, ensuring that the occupants of the property are safe from dust, pollutants and hazards of construction equipment.