Residential Renovation

Residential Interior Renovation

Every few years, your home may need a quick fix up, be it replacing the cabinets or installing new features. On occasion, you may feel bored of living in the same house for years. Instead of relocating altogether, you can choose to renovate your home to give it a new sheen and transform an ordinary house into an aesthetically designed abode. Artrend Design offers a wide range of residential interior renovation solutions well suited for any home.


Our residential renovation options

Right from redoing the bathroom to changing the color on your walls, our designers can help you achieve great results even with a limited budget. Apart from our attention to detail and penchant for quality, at Artrend Design, we are reputed for our flexible services. We do not force you to remodel your entire home for a fat paycheck. Instead, we create customized renovation plans for exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Our range of residential interior renovation solutions include:

·      Bathroom remodeling

·      Kitchen remodeling

·      Counter-top installation

·      Flooring installation

·      Roofing installation

·      Siding installation

·      Garage doors

·      HVAC systems

·      Door replacement

·      Window replacement 

If your renovation needs are more extensive, we can help you determine the exact solutions. Our expert will visit your home to determine its current state and recommend the best renovation options that can brighten up your old home. With our professional services you could transform your current living space into a lively, modern and well-designed abode that is comfortable and welcoming.


Why should you renovate?

Families are often emotionally attached to their homes and may not always be willing to relocate.  A quality renovation will not  give your home a new look, but will also increase its property value. Additionally, a newly renovated home can improve house safety.