Why Interior Designers


Choosing Interior Designers Singapore

Choosing the right interior designers in Singapore requires some research by homeowners and business owners. It is crucial that the company must not only be reputable but also be reliable with proven track record. In many ways, referrals from friends and relatives that have had similar interior design or renovations works are often safer options.

Whilst cost is usually amongst one of the major factor, others like quality, time taken, defect liability period must also be considered. Therefore it is wise to engage a HDB approved contractor cum interior design company, more so one with the proper accredit ions.

Be mindful that like any other profession, interior designers as well as renovation contractors, have their field of speciality, that is those good at HDB renovation may not hold true for other properties and vice versa.


Good Interior designer

A good interior designer is esteemed as one who is well trained in their field of work.  They are presumed to have excellent time and management skills and be able to oversee their projects, to determine as well as create space functionality to suit the needs and lifestyles of occupants. Understandably, their services may come with a higher price.

On the other hand, a contractor is more of a supplier than an advisor. More often than not, his job is to carry out the work according to your instructions and requirements. By contrast, their fees and charges are usually more competitive. However, many contractors have since upgraded their skills. These days, they are equally adept and effective in designing and handling renovation projects.

At all times, avoid making last minute discussions on renovation issues or you will be unnecessarily penalising yourself. Most importantly, never allow any contractors or interior designers to pressure you into signing any agreements.

In summary, hiring an interior designer or a contractor very much depends on your personal wants. If you have limited budget, appointing a proven and reliable contractor can be just as effective.


Artrend Design has its factory

Artrend Design has 30 years experience in the interior design industry.  Not only is Artrend Design an interior design company but also a carpenter.  It has a show room at Balestier and a carpentry factory based at Woodlands Link Singapore. This make Artrend Design prominent from many interior designers to offer one stop solution on interior design and carpentry to homeowners and business, commercial and residential.