Interior Design Testimonial, Twin Disc

We are pleased to confirm that Artrend Design Pte Ltd has successfully completed the renovation work for our new office in August 2009.

In the execution of the renovation works, they have displayed great competency and strict compliance to all building codes and regulations.

Despite numerous unforeseen constraints, Artrend Design Pte Ltd was able to complete the renovation works within the stipulated time frame and budget allotted.  We are indeed very satisfied with their performance and the final outcome of the works carried out which was managed by a strong and efficient team.

It was a great pleasure working with such a professional team and we will not hesitate in recommending Artrend Design Pte Ltd to any potential clients to engage their services.

by Kenny Yeo, Vice President of Asia Pacific, Twin Disc (Far East) Ltd in 2009

Testimonial Letter from Twin Disc

Interior Design Testimonial, Federal Hardware Engineering

We are please to confirm that Artrend Design Pte Ltd has successfully executed a large-scale office renovation work for us in year 2001 (building structreue: 2 units - 3 storey type to be precise).  We are very satisfied from the price, feature, function and benefits outcome standpoint.  Not least is also their advisory and strict adherence to all relevant building code requirements.

The above-mentioned office renovation work was indeed a very challenging job for Artrend because the latter had to ensure that there was no work disruption caused to our day-to-day business operations and our 80-plus employees' work routines and at the same time completing the project within the stipulated time-frame.

Artrend not only completed the project on time, it had also come up with a fine-looking and pragmatic office design for the company.  In view of their overall good workmanship Artrend is now retained as one of our appointed primary contractors.

We will not hesitate at all recommending Artrend to any Company wishing to engage the services of Artrend Design.  Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if you wish to verify the above statement.

by Federal Hardware Engineering  Co Pte Ltd

Dawne Lim, Manager, Admin/HR in 2004

Testimonial From Federal Hardware Engineering

Interior Design Testimonial, Share Investor

We are please to confirm that Artrend Design Pte Ltd had successfully collaborated with us on the completion of a large scale renovation to our office in 2006.  With regards to the overall concept, design features, functionality standpoints, the completed works certainly matches our design brief given during the inception of the project.  In additiona, they had demonstrated their competency and strict adherence with the building code requirements and regulations of the various building authorities.

Artrend Design had not only completed the said project within the stipulated contract period but has also provided us with a fabulous looking office.

by Christopher Lee, CEO of Share Investor, in 2009

Testimonial from Share Investor

Interior Design Testimonial, Upper Thomson Road

My experience of project management and renovation works with your company and especially your Sales Manger, Michael Lee, has been excellent. Mr Lee displayed integrity, was creative in finding solutions to problems that cropped up along the way, maintained good humour and went beyond the call of duty to dliver the finished result at a high quality.

I would not hesitate to recommend your team to my friends, in fact I already have done so. Thank you for an excellent job done.

Yours Sincerely, Agnes Cheah at Upper Thomson Road

Testimonial from Agnes Cheah on Interior Design Project

Interior Design Testimonial, Lakeview

Dear Micahel,

Just want to write a peronal note to say 'Thank you' for doing such a great job at Lakeview. You made the whole process less stressful and more pleasant than it could have been. I appreciate your going extra many miles to be 'gut kiok teh' for me. I have also written a note to your boss to blow your trumpet a bit - now you can ask for promotion ! Thanks again.

Agnes at Lakeview

Testimonial from Agnes on Lakeview interior design project

Interior Design Testimonial, Homeowner

Dear Michael,

I wish to thank you and your partners for transforming my apartment from its original dull state to this present liveable and cheerful condition, yet returning the sense of simplicity and cuntionality.

I really appreciate your attentiveness and invaluable help and advices from the initial planning till putting the finishing touches to my humbe abode.

May you be blessed with whatever you do and share these bestowed blessings freely with all homeowners who seek your expertise.

With every good wish and blessing to happiness.

Warmest regards, Lee Lee on August 2009

Testimonial from Lee Lee on Interior Design project

Interior Design Testimonial, Mrs Gan Keng Hwee

Dear Kelvin

Re: Letter of commendation to sales executive

I am writing this letter to compliment and to express my sincere thanks to your company staff - Mr Stepher Phang, who has served my husband and I very well with his patience and professional attitude during our renovation period. Not only were his designs beautifully drawn to our satisfaction, Stepher was also very positive in accepting our feedback to further improve on his designs. He has indeed met all our expectations as a creative designer as well as a very responsible contractor. My husband and I are truly impressed with his service excellence and his quick response to our queries.

Even though there were some problems during the renovation period, Stepher was always very prompt and professional in setting those issues quickly and in a tactful way without causing further unhappiness. We are overall satisfied with the renovation works carried out at our unit although there could be improvements to the attention to details, especially to some of the carpentry works.

Overall, the excellent service rendered to us by your very passionate and motivated staff, Stepher, has truly convinced me that Artrend Design Pte Ltd is indeed one of the best interior design Sngapore companies. I salute you for a job really well done!

Yours sincerely, Tng Ping Ping (Mrs Gan Keng Hwee) on 18 November 2013.

Testimonial from Ting Ting on Interior Design project for