Corporate Social Responsibility

Interior Designers of Artrend Celebration of Mother Day 11 May 2014

In thank giving gratitutes to the Mothers, Interior Designers Artrend take part actively every year in giving a stalk of handicrafted flower to mothers in this special event. They contribute their small part of the corporate social responsibility.

Artrend Design has the interior designers and decorators joining Boss Group Limited, a non profit organisation who organise and host the event for the fifth year in 2014. Artrend takes their team and extend the visit to the old folk home, showing their gratitute as well to the elderly at the old folk home after the morning event with Boss Group Limited. Boss Group Limited has been an non profit organisation to conduct yearly the mother day thank giving island wide, with 15,000 handicrafted flowers made by MINDS, AWWA and METTA.

It is always a full day event for Artrend for the forth year in a row on the Mother Day Thaink Giving event. Artrend team takes home the smiles and warmth of the strangers and old folks at this significant